Project brief

The aim of this logo design was to create a monogram using the fitness instructor's initials to achieve recognisability. She desired her brand to be associated with her name and to convey the message of a professional, high-quality service.



Josefin Sans Bold is used for headlines.

Josefin Sans Light is used for body.

Josefin Sans Bold

Josefin Sans Light
Primary logo

Color choices & logo concept

In contrast to the typical fitness color palette dominated by yellows, oranges, and reds, this brand deliberately centres around soothing blue tones. With these tones I wanted to symbolise patience, safety, and security, which align with the brand's core values. It's of greatest importance for this brand to convey the genuine care extended to each client, given its specialisation in enhancing well-being through healthy habits and physical health, particularly for those seeking rehabilitation after physical injuries.

On the other hand, the logo was designed with straight lines and sharp edges to accentuate strength and provide a clear sense of direction. Additionally, the deliberate use of diagonal lines and shapes imparts a sense of movement and speed, further reinforcing the brand's dynamic essence, making it a perfect fit for a fitness brand.

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