Project brief

At its heart, Spensr embodies the essence of dental hygiene, carefully crafted with a blend of fresh, eco-friendly ingredients, and presented in sustainable packaging. Spensr products are tailored to cater to discerning customers who prioritize both design and sustainability when selecting self-care essentials.

As a brand designer, I advanced the holistic brand philosophy by taking the helm in crafting design concepts, shaping the brand identity, and guiding the artistic direction.



Azo Sans Regular is used for headlines.

Azo Sans Light is used for body.

Azo Sans Regular

Azo Sans Light
Nature elements in grid

Color choices & logo concept

Through basic design elements, Spensr seeks to transmit the simplicity and ease inherent in the natural world. Color choices lean towards softer, nearly neutral pastel shades, drawing inspiration from organic materials and elements of nature.

This decision serves multiple purposes: it ensures the design remains clean and minimalistic, aligns with aesthetic appeal, and makes it suitable for both women and men.

For the logo, I began by selecting the initial Ringift Serif font and proceeded with subtle, gradual modifications, which involved removing some of the font's decorative elements and curves while connecting the 'sp' and 'sr' letters. These changes were made to accentuate the 'smoothness' reminiscent of toothpaste while keeping it clean and readable on all sizes.

Eco toothbrush mockupsEco bottle mockup
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